5 Easy Exercises To Flaten Your Tummy


If y?u’re lo?k?ng to start u? ? workout program t? slim the tummy ?nd get rid of y?ur love handles, performing the r?ght exercises will b? key. By fully challenging all th? muscles surrounding the core region, ??u ??n s?? bett?r fat burning benefits ?nd re?ll? g?t th?t toned lo?k th?t y?u’r? go?ng for.

Unfortunately though, many women spend f?r to? mu?h time ?n exercises that w?n’t deliver, whi?h i? wh? ?t’s d?f?n?t?l? worth ??ur time ?nd effort to learn th??? that will. By including th? f?llowing fiv? exercises in your program mor? often, y?u w?ll s?? mu?h faster progress.

Let’s have ? l??k at the main ones to consider.

The Plank

The ver? first exercise to include i? th? plank. The plank should ?lway? b? a standby in y?ur ab workout b???u?e not onl? ?s it g??ng t? work the abs, but ?t’ll also work all the muscles lining the back a? well.

To perform ?t simply place the forearms ?n the floor underneath the body w?th the legs stretched out behind you, balancing ?n y?ur toes. When in th?? position keep your body as flat ?? ??s?ibl? ?? y?u resemble that ?f ? table top.

Hold this f?r 30-60 seconds, or unt?l you c?n no longer maintain proper form.

Crunches On An Exercise Ball

Next up on our list ?f exercises t? target ??ur tummy are crunches on an exercise ball. These ?re fantastic f?r calling th? muscle fibers deep within the core ?nto play. Due to th? reduced base ?f support underneath you, ?ou’re going to h?ve to work that much harder t? maintain balance.

Try ?nd perform ? set ?f 12 reps ?t a time bef?re taking a rest ?nd continuing on.

Lying Leg Raises

Third, leg raises ?re th? next exercise t? include. These are fantastic f?r working the lower abdominal muscles, whi?h tends t? be problematic f?r m??t women.

To perform them, lie flat ?n th? ground and then slowly lift th? legs u? ?ff the floor and bring th?m to ninety degrees. Pause for a se?ond and th?n lower s? the?’r? ?u?t about touching the floor again.

Don’t let th?m c?m? completely down however as thi? will r?all? reduce th? tension ?n the abs and the goal ?s to k??p them in ? constantly contracted state.

The Bicycle

The bicycle ?s anoth?r excellent tummy exercise th?t w?ll firm th??e love handles quickly. To perform th?s one lift th? legs slightly ab?ve the ground whil? you bring ?n? knee into the chest. While d??ng so, simultaneously twist th? body so the opposite side ??m?s to meet that knee and then reverse directions f?r th? next rep.

Perform ten reps f?r ?a?h side ?n ? row and th?n relax again b?f?re doing a ???ond set.

Accordion Sit-Ups

Finally, the la?t tummy toner ??u ?hould b? doing i? th? accordion sit-up. These ar? v?ry simple and straightforward. First, get into a flat lying position on the floor.

From there, bring the upper body up wh?le ??u bring the knees up t? meet ?t ?t th? s?me time. In essence, it sh?uld l?ok l?k? y?u’r? ?n accordion ?? ?ou d? this movement.

Pause at the top ?nd th?n lower back d?wn again.

So th?r? ?ou h?v? the top tummy toners th?t w?ll quickly firm u? ??ur stomach ?nd h?l? ?ou ??? faster results. If you ??n combine all of th??? thr?? times ? week w?th ? good appetite suppressant ?uch ?s Phen375 diet pills to h?l? y?u maintain ??ur lower calorie diet, ?t won’t be long b?f?re ??u have ?our ?wn set ?f toned abs.