Being Overweight: How Too Much Body Fat Effects Your Organs


One of the greatest dangers ?f b?ing overweight and carrying ?? much excess body fat i? that thi? fat ??n start to influence the way in whi?h all ?our organs function.

While you m?y b? strictly focused ?n h?w badly ??u th?nk th?t excess body fat makes ??u look, never discount the importance ?f th? role ?t will play on ??ur over?ll body functioning.

Let’s h?ve a closer lo?k at som? ?f the main issues ??so??at?d w?th excess fat ?nd y?ur organs.

Reproductive System

The f?rst group of organs th?t w?ll b? impacted b? excess body fat ?? the reproductive system. Males who ?re overweight m?? n?t have properly functioning reproductive organs and m?y ?n fact be?om? infertile. If ? male i? very overweight and th? couple i? hav?ng trouble conceiving, thi? d?fin?t?l? sh?uld be looked into a? th?? ??uld be th? primary reason why.

For females, h?ving to? mu?h excess body fat c?n ?l?o pose a problem. Typically th? major issues lie ?n too l?ttl? body fat f?r women, which ?aus?? menstruation t? stop, but t?o much body fat in ??me extreme cases ??n d? ?o ?? well.

The Digestive System

The s??ond group of organs th?t w?ll b? impacted by excess weight is your digestive system. When s? much body fat ha? accumulated th? liver ?nd pancreas w?ll n?t function ?? effectively, ?nd ?f th?r? i? constantly ? high intake of glucose rich foods coming ?nto the body which ?s what’s contributing t? the weight gain in th? f?rst place, th? pancreas ma? start to b???me ver? overworked ?s it puts insulin production ?nto overdrive ?nd thi? c?uld set ?ou u? f?r long-term health problems ?u?h ?s th? development ?f diabetes.

Maintaining ? healthier diet with all the vital nutrients th? body n?ed? ?l?ng with sufficient dietary fibre will h?lp t? k?ep the digestive system organs ?n proper working order.

Cardiovascular System

Finally, the la?t group ?f organs th?t will re?lly b? impacted b? excess body fat ?? ?our cardiovascular system organs. The blood vessels m?y start t? experience ?n increase ?n plaque build-up a? high cholesterol levels start taking place in th? body ?nd the heart i? g??ng to have to work harder and harder to transport all that additional body weight around.

This ??n eventually place ? great deal ?f strain ?n th?? system and lead t? heart disease ?r even heart attack. Working to maintain a healthier body weight is important for good cardiovascular function and oft?n thi? ?? ?n? of th? biggest benefits y?u see u??n losing excess weight

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