Do Men Burn More Fat Than Women?


Men ?nd women ?re n?t built the ??me way. There ?s ?om?th?ng d?ffer?nt in ?ur bodies due to th? way hormones change th? balance b?twe?n muscle and fat ?nd shape th? size ?f our bones to respond to d?ffer?nt n??ds later on. In men, th? testosterone hormone determines the size of bones, c?us?s hair growth ?nd deepens the voice. It ?l?o regulates th? size of th? muscle mass, whi?h ?t turn regulates th? metabolism. The mor? muscle mass, th? faster ? person burns th? calories obtained from food, wh?ch is on? ?f th? big differences b?twe?n men and women ?nd betwe?n overweight people ?nd thos? who ?r? fit.