Effective Journaling To Stay Motivated


Struggling with ??ur motivation? If so, tak? comfort ?n knowing that th?? i? a perfectly normal occurrence. Many people d? struggle from time t? time w?th their motivation levels but ?t’? ?nly th??e who are able to push past th?? wh? ?re g??ng t? s?e long-term results.
Rather th?n getting ?ll held up over the fact you ?ren’t motivated, wh?t you w?nt i? ? game plan in place th?t y?u c?n turn t? that w?ll h?lp bring the?e motivational levels back u? again.

That’s wher? a journal ??m?s into play. By taking th? time to utilize a good journal ???h day, you c?n turn to this wh?n you ne?d ? little bit ?f ? motivational boost.

Let’s l?ok at a few of th? facts that you n?ed t? know in order to journal properly to increase ?our motivation.

Take Pictures

The ver? fir?t thing th?t y?u ?an d? to make ?our journal far m?re effective ?? to make sur? t? include progress pictures. Very often it’? hard to spot differences ?n our body’s when we l??k ?t ourselv?? ?n a day t? day basis.

But, wh?n y?u l?ok back ov?r a period ?f time

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