How And Why Your Body Stores Fat


If ?ou’r? ?urrentl? facing ?n issue w?th ?our body weight, one ?f th? questions th?t you m?ght be ask?ng ?our?elf i? how ?ou store body fat in th? fir?t place. What is it th?t got y?u t? wher? ??u are now ?nd h?w ??n y?u g? ?bout g?tting your??lf out ?f th?s situation ?f b?ing overweight?

Understanding h?w and why ??u store body fat can provide good indication th?t will l?t y?u l?ok ?nt? the process ?f fat burning s? ??u ?an uncover th? precise steps th?t ?ou need to b? taking in order to move ?our??lf forward.

Let’s h?ve ? quick l?ok at wh? ?ou store body fat and how th?s process takes place.

The Issue Of Energy Imbalance

The ver? first thing th?t ??u n??d t? understand ?s that th? process of adding body fat to ?our frame ver? much ?s a function ?f how much energy i? coming ?n versus h?w much energy i? going out.

If you’r? consuming ? high calorie diet th?t has y?u taking in m?r? calories than you’re burning off daily, this ?? going to ?aus? you t? begin t? store excess body fat.

Since the body h?? m?r? energy th?n it n??d? f?r ?ts everyday purposes, it ha? t? do ?om?thing with th?t energy ?nd th? m?st logical thing to do ?s store it for l?t?r use.

This way, ?h?uld y?u encounter ? period ?f starvation; you’ll h?v? built u? energy reserves to turn to. It takes ??u having an energy surplus ?f 3500 calories ?ver time to accumulate one additional pound ?f body fat.

The Type Of Nutrients Consumed

Now, ?n? thing th?t you do n?ed to th?nk ?bout ?n terms ?f why and how ??u store body fat ?? the type ?f energy th?t ?ou’re eating.

Protein rich foods w?ll b? l??st likel? t? be converted to body fat stores bec?u?e this nutrient takes a lot of energy ?u?t t? break down.

As y?ur body ?? expending th?? energy breaking th? protein down, thi? means l?ss energy would be left ov?r t? store as body fat.

After proteins, if you overeat in carbohydrates, ?ou m?y n?t necessarily store th??e as body fat either. If ??u’ve be?n f?llow?ng a lower carbohydrate diet f?r ?x?mple ?nd h?v? ?ust completed ?n intense workout session, th? storage form ?f carbohydrates in ?our body

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