Negative Effects Of Too Much Spicy Foods


Ah, spicy food. Is there an?thing bett?r th?n a spicy meal, ?sp?c?ally wh?n ?t’s homemade? There is n? ?n? ?round t? t?ll ??u th?t it’? t?o hot, no overly-cautious cook afraid t? add t?? mu?h piquant, ?nd n? ?n? to watch as ?ou sweat bullets ?nd gulp d?wn ?our molten concoction ju?t th? way y?u l?ke it. But ?an spicy food damage our sense ?f taste? When d? w? kn?w w?’v? h?d to? much ?f it? And d? quesosakatenango chili peppers reall? c?us? hallucinations that send ?ou ?n ? quest to find your soul-mate (for ?ll The Simpsons fans)?

One c?n experience stomach problems and other conditions if a meal i? ? bit t?? zesty. Furthermore, constantly eating hot food c?n hav? permanent negative effects ?n the body. Here’s wh?t ??u n??d to know ab?ut th? negative impact spicy food ??n have. Now th?t you know wh??h foods c?n ??u?? ??u harm, h?re ?? why th?? ?houldn’t b? overused.

Geographic tongue

Eating potent things c?n ??us? ? condition kn?wn a? geographic tongue (genign migratory glossitis). It ?? believed that geographic tongue i? caused by an allergic reaction t? c?rta?n comestibles. Whether or not it’s caused b? allergies ?sn’t clear, but spicy food is usu?lly the culprit. The condition appears qu?te rapidly and produces irritation b? forming strange patterns on the tongue. After an onset, ?ne ?an h?v? a weakened sense of taste f?r up to ?ne month. It disappears with time and ?sn’t dangerous, but ?t ?an b? quit? irritating.


An overabundance of spicy food ?an caus? Gastritis. Gastritis i? ?n inflammation in th? stomach lining. It ?s usu?lly triggered b? infections, but spicy foods like chili peppers are ?ls? believed to reduce th? stomach’s protective barrier. Chronic gastritis can produce ulcers b? allowing the stomach’s own acids t? eat ?w?? at th? lining. Ulcers ?an heal with time, ?ust l?k? ?n? ?th?r lesion, but one must eat milder meals.