The Connection Between Body Fat And Cholesterol


It’s n? secret th?t ?f ?ou’r? overweight, ?ou’r? g?ing t? suffer fr?m a number of negative health risks. Everything from high blood pressure to th? development of diabetes to ? higher incidence of stroke ?an b? linked t? be?ng obese ?r overweight.

But, ?n? connection that som?times g?e? overlooked i? th?t ?f body fat levels to your cholesterol levels.

Let’s tak? ? closer look at what thi? ?? ?ll about.

The Diet That You’re Eating

The v?r? first thing that y?u need t? c?ns?d?r r?g?rding your body fat level and h?w ?t relates to y?ur cholesterol ?? how y?u gained th?t body fat ?n the f?rst place

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