The Problem With Gluten


Protein part of grains ?u?h a? wheat, barley, rye, etc. ?s called th? Gluten.

Some people suffer from injuries to the lining of the small intestine if it c?m?? in contact with gluten. This ?s called celiac disease. It ?? als? known as gluten sensitive enteropathy ?r non-tropical sprue. It can result ?n weight loss, gas, diarrhea; it may cau?? bloating or abdominal cramps. The affected person m?y suffer fr?m vitamin ?nd mineral deficiencies. The lining of th? small intestine can heal if gluten i? totally eliminated fr?m th? diet of th??? patients.

In severe cases of celiac disease ?f not treated ?n time th? intestinal villi ar? damaged and complications ?u?h as malabsorption ?f fat, magnesium, calcium, iron, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, and vitamin B12 m?? occur. In ?u?h ? case, the patient may require supplemental vitamins and minerals f?r ?ev?ral months (or years) until intestinal villi regenerate.

Some people suffer fr?m ? skin disorder called dermatitis herpetiform due to gluten intolerance.

Can You Remove Gluten From Food?

It ?s n?t easy t? eliminate gluten from ? person

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