Tips On How To Get Flat Abs


Training th? abdominal muscles has recently been th? subject of mor? misinformation ?nd mythology th?n any ?ther part of th? human anatomy. Gizmos ?nd gadgets allege that the?’ll give you those coveted “six-pack” abs. But h?r?’? how ??u c?n rationally train y?ur abs to the?r absolute maximum limit of development us?ng everyday gym equipment. There is nothing unique ?bout abdominal muscles ?s far ?s th?ir training and response to training i? concerned. The principles that apply t? biceps ?nd triceps apply equally t? abs.

So the thr?e critical elements of ??ur abs workouts are:

1- High-intensity of muscular overload

2- Progressive intensity fr?m workout to workout

3- Proper spacing ?f workouts t? avoid overtraining or undertraining

Most people d? sit-ups ?r crunches ?s ?n ab exercise. While th??? ?re basically good exercises that ?an satisfy point 1 above, how man? people u?? them in a way that satisfies point 2? Muscles will only develop ?n response to overload that i? above normal. So ?f you do 20 crunches ever? day for ? year, why w?uld y?ur ab muscles develop be?ond th?t capacity? They won’t.

To force n?w development, y?u need to increase the intensity. You c?uld add a f?w crunches ?ver? day, but th?t r?all? ?ust increases duration; there ?s a b?tter wa? to g?t fast results.

Abs exercises proven to work

1- Weighted crunches

2- Weighted incline sit-ups

3- Weighted sit-ups

The b?st wa? t? do weighted crunches is to lie on the floor w?th y?ur head close t? th? low pulley weight stack. Using the rope handle attachment, grasp th? ends ?nd pull th? cable unt?l it is tight ?nd your hands ?r? resting at the side ?f your head near your ears. Now contract ?our ab muscles in ? crunch that lifts ??ur shoulders off the floor and draws the weight stack u? ?n inch or two. Choose a weight that is so heavy, you ?an only d? 8 to 12 reps.

If you d?n’t hav? access to a low pulley, there ?s ? good alternative. You ?an us? th? high pulley th?t is normally us?d f?r lat pulldowns. Kneel ?n th? floor ?r sit in th? seat directly und?r the rope handles th?t ?ou attach to the high pulley. Lock y?ur legs und?r th? hold down. Pull th? handles ?nt? position n?xt t? ??ur ears, then contract y?ur ab muscles ?nto ? crunch th?t raises the weight stack ?n inch ?r two. Again, choose ? weight th?t i? so heavy, y?u ??n ?nl? d? 8 to 12 reps.

As ? further alternative, y?u can lie on the floor and d? ? sit-up ?r crunch while holding ? barbell plate ag?inst ??ur chest. The limitation ?f th?? exercise i? that, a? you progress in strength, ?t will not b? ?ossible t? hold en?ugh plates ?n y?ur chest safely. But th?t’s ? good problem to have.

On ?ach successive workout, shoot f?r ? 5-15% increase ?n th? weight y?u use. If you c?n’t get a 5% increase, ?t’? time to add more days off betw?en y?ur workouts.