Understanding Raw Food Diet


It ?s believed th?t if food ?s heated t? over 116 deg. F enzymes which assist ?n digestion and absorption ?f th? food ?r? destroyed. Raw food diet i? based on the u?? of uncooked ?nd unprocessed plant food su?h a? fresh veget?bl??, fruits, s?ed, ?prouts, gr??n?, nut?, dr?ed fru?ts, et?.

To derive th? full benefit of raw food diet our diet must comprise ?t le??t 75 % ?f th? raw ?nd living components.

Raw food ?? low on saturated fats ?nd components ?f hydrogenated oils ?s compared to th? conventional diet. It h?? low sodium content ?nd i? richer ?n magnesium, folate ?nd potassium. It h?? higher fiber content ?nd ?t ??ntain? phytochemicals which are health promoting plant chemicals. Raw food diet ha? l?s? fat, l??s calories.

Raw food h?? m?ny benefits. It improves digestion ?nd improves skin appearance. It g?v?s increased energy and ?t reduces risk of heart diseases, diabetes ?nd cancer. It ?an lead to healthy weight loss.

What ?an ?ou eat ?n Raw Food Diet?

Use organic and unprocessed items such ?s fresh fruits ?nd v?get?ble?, b?an?, s?ed?, fruits.