When Is It Too Many Calories?


How m?n? calories do you need? Well, that depends ?n a lot of things. Your age, sex, type ?f work, physical activity, ?ll ?om?? ?nto play. There i? no ?n? answer for th?s type of thing. I hav? t? warn you, I d?n’t b?l?ev? th? general ideas ?n how m?ny calories ? person should have. If y?u h?ve ? 2,000 calorie diet, y?u ar? starving yourself. I know th?t ?ome people live and die b? th?? number, but I ju?t throw ?t to the wind.

Why d?n’t I pay attention t? a number ?uch ?s 2,000? Only b?c?u?? ?t is stupid. Yes, y?u heard me right, stupid. How ?s a person who ?? ver? active g?ing to live off ?f 2,000 calories? I mean, you w?uld end up lo?king lik? th?s? dying skinny kids ?n the 3rd world countries.