Why All The Fuss About Fat


Most of us ?re focused ?n fat. It ?s all that w? hear ?bout these days. Since the time we ar? kids w? ?re told th?t fat is bad for us. Some people ?re m?re worried ?bout calories th?n fat. To be honest y?u ?h?uld b? worried ?bout both. You ne?d to make sur? that your diet i?n’t full ?f junk food. You should b? g?tting ??ur calories fr?m foods that ar? good for you. Who cares ab?ut not eating any fat, ?f all y?ur calories ??m? from sweets? I’m n?t ?ure h?w mu?h I b?lieve fat i? the bad thing we make ?t out t? be. I’m starting to b?l??v? that carbs ?r? th? real evil in the diet empire. I re?ll? d? th?nk th?s ?s wh? ?? m?n? people ?r? overweight ?n thi? world. Think ?b?ut it lik? this. How m?ny cultures ?n th? world eat bread? Most of th?m eat s?me sort of bread.

Bread f?r ?om? people is th? focus of th? meal. In th? old days, women spent all day long making breads. This i? also true with pasta in s?m? regions of th? world. A lot ?f places eat ??me sort ?f pasta with ?v?r? meal. What ?b?ut rice? The ??m? thing. The Irish and potatoes? The ??m? thing. These are all carbs.

Most people eat these ever? day of the?r lives. I think we are addicted to carbs . I kn?w I am. I eat s? much bread and oth?r carbs th?t I d?n’t kn?w wh?t I would d? w?th?ut them. That, adds ? tire ?r?und the waist line. I’m n?t s???ng that carbs ar? worse th?n fat per se. I mean, fat ha? ?t? problems too. You eat t?? much ?f it, you ?r? g?tting y?ur?elf ready f?r ? heart attack. I mean, your body ?an only handle ?o much of them. We have ?ll seen young men get heart attacks ?t an early age. So, we know that fat i? bad.

Not ?ll fat ?? the same though. Some fat ?? worse th?n others. Let’s talk about the?? different kinds of fat. We have items th?t ?re lower ?n saturated fat. These would include meats ?nd cheeses. They d?n’t hav? a? much fat a? th? items we w?ll be talking ab?ut next. On th? ?ther hand, ??u have items that ar? m?r? saturated th?n meats and cheese. These tend to b? an?th?ng deep fried. They w?ll include, donuts, french fries, potato chips.

The ?e?ond is wh?t ?ou n??d to stay away from. These are high in calories. They als? will clog ?our arteries. I hate t? s?y it, but th? good stuff in life has ?ts risks. I’m not s???ng that y?u shouldn’t ever eat thes? items, but eat them in moderation. That i? the key. Don’t eat them ?ver? day, but onc? ?er week. Don’t go hog wild on ? whole bag ?f chips. Instead, get a small bag that ?? enough for ?n? or two servings. This way, y?u won’t b? tempted t? eat the whole bag.

Oils such ?? olive oil ?re low ?n sat fats. You should u?e these wh?n?ver ??u can.